Monday, January 17, 2011

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i've been going through a lot of adjustments since i've gotten back from korea (it's already been a month, holy shit!). i haven't felt 100% about...virtually anything since my return, but i'm slowly creeping back up to normal person status. still trying to process what the hell happened in 2010.

i'm living in oakland now, but commuting about four days a week into the city for work. i've been having a bad string of luck with laney college, my new local community college. they can't seem to clear some damn hold without me coming in for a counseling session, which i personally do not want or need. classes start in a week & i still can't register. i can't blame them solely. i've had trouble motivating myself to get up in the a.m. the two attempts i've made ended in utter failure. the first time, i got there after 3 p.m. & it was packed. i went today, but nobody told me it was mlk jr. day. sorry, dr. king. tomorrow is another day & fuck all, i'm going to get shit done.

i'll have some new things posted soon. to whomever reads/looks at this thing, thxx.

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